Default password and username for backtrack 5

I was surprised the other day when i installed a backtrack linux distribution and couldn’t login.  What you should know about backtrack 5 is that it comes with an already pre-configured username and password also the first thing you come across after booting and typing the username and password is the terminal( which is a nightmare to most people). The details below will assist you in getting around some of the difficulties.

The default username is: root

and the default password is: toor

to start the graphic user interface of backtrack 5 you need to type: startx in the terminal

startx command can also be used with other linux distributions

to shut down type: poweroff or shutdown -h now

To restart: type reboot


21 thoughts on “Default password and username for backtrack 5

  1. This is the correct Default password and username for backtrack 5 computer software, hacking and application information distributor journal for anyone who wants to move out out near this matter. You observance so untold its most debilitating to argue with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new twisting on a subject thats been cursive near for years. Pleasant foul, just extraordinary!

  2. FAQ at BackTrack
    When booting the Live-Cd Backtrack, I don’t believe the password is set up in the file /etc/shadow
    The password file is /etc/shadow #cat /etc/shadow or # grep root -n /etc/shadow
    #passwd root
    newpassword toor
    confirm password toor
    # pass word has been changed to “toor”.
    maverik35 posted at the backtrack forum has really good directions for changing passwords from Grub or Live-CD
    I really hope these notes help someone else. After booting from the Live-CD and issuing the startx command, I had closed the top down on the laptop for a couple hours. When I opened it up later, it gave a screen saying root and asking for password to unlock the screen.
    None of the passwords worked to unlock the screen. Not even “toor” or “password” So I had to reboot the Live-Cd and lost my information/setup. I looked at the file /etc/shadow for the root password entry and saw this line, “root :x:15867:0.99997 Where “x” is the placeholder for the encrypted password. When I completed the terminal command “password root” input password “toor” and then “grep root -n /etc/shadow” to see the “x” changed to a very long 50+ character encrypted password. So do change the root password after booting the Live-CD, so that you are not locked out by the screen saver after 5 minutes of inactivity.

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